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25 Fun And Easy Jobs For 10-Year-Olds

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10-year-olds cannot legally work a traditional job in America, however, you may have a budding entrepreneur on your hands who can’t wait to start earning his or her own money. Here are 25 fun and easy jobs that 10-year-olds can do to make some extra cash.

With a little creativity and hard work, 10-year-olds can find many ways to make money. By doing so, they can learn valuable lessons about responsibility, teamwork, and money management.

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Can kids work (legally)?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets forth the child labor laws in the United States.

According to the FLSA, children under the age of 14 cannot legally work in most circumstances. There are some exceptions to this rule, however, such as if the child is working for a family-owned business, or if the child is engaged in agricultural work.

The FLSA, however, does not prohibit minors from starting their own small business.

TIP: Before allowing your child to start their own small business, always check local ordinances, as a permit may be required.

10-year-olds are not allowed to legally work in most places of employment, such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants. However, kids can start their own side hustles.  

Entrepreneur jobs for 10-year-olds

Age-appropriate jobs teach children the value of responsibility and commitment.

Starting their own micro-business also encourages creativity and money management.

Note: Any kid-run business will need to be overseen by a parent or guardian, even if it’s behind the scenes. Family and friends can also be an excellent source for first clients and referrals.

Pet and plant sitter

Does your 10-year-old already take excellent care of family pets and water plants around the home and yard?

If so, they might be perfect for pet and plant sitting.

When neighbors are away on vacation or business trips, your child can offer to feed their pets and water the plants.

Remember to have them charge extra for additional duties, such as grooming or taking animals for walks.

Start a plant “daycare”

While setting up a dog or cat kennel is too much work for a 10-year-old, they could manage a “plant daycare.”

Just like people drop off pets to be looked after while away, many would be willing to leave their household plants with your child. This job idea particularly appeals to people who are not always keen to have strangers in their homes.

Also, as 10-year-olds often have limited transport, it is easier to have the plants come to them.

Dog walker

In many small towns and suburbs, dog walking or pet sitting can be a nice way for a 10-year-old to earn extra cash.

It is best for kids this age to walk one client’s dog at a time, not a bunch at once, as seen in the movies. Exceptions could be if a client has two small dogs, like a pair of pugs.

Note that dog walking can be a big business; thus, some cities require permits. Examples include New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

However, it is often easy to earn money dog walking on a casual, freelancing basis in smaller areas.

Lemonade stand

Running a lemonade stand is a time-honored first business.

In fact, when my son was younger and needed some extra cash, he’d frequently set up his lemonade stand in front of our house on the weekends.

He managed to earn a good chunk of change over the years, most of which he would save up for large purchases.

His lemonade stand eventually evolved into a mini “snack stop” as he began offering sweet tea and assorted home-baked goods.

Eventually, after seeing how much he would earn in a day, the neighborhood kids caught on and set up their own stands nearby.

It quickly became a full-fledged competition to try and outprice and outsell each other. One kid even began selling painted rocks at his stand.

The lemonade stand and its subsequent expansion allowed my son to learn how to count back change, price products (I charged him for all supplies), and how to handle marketplace competition.

Some areas require kids to have a permit for their lemonade stand. So just check your local laws before your 10-year-old sets up for business.

Yard work

Due to safety concerns, many folks are not comfortable having a 10-year-old mow the lawn (however, there are definitely some capable 10-year-olds who have starting a lawn mowing company!)

However, they will happily hire them to pull weeds, scoop up dog poo, rake leaves, or fix up the landscape.

Some people will even pay a gardening assistant to haul a wheelbarrow, trim a hedge, and dig holes for new plants.

A lawn service business is great for getting kids outdoors and building a little sweat equity.

Paper route

Unfortunately, paper routes are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs.

This is a pity because it is an excellent first job for kids.

That said, you may want to check and see if your local area still has such an opportunity.

Running a paper route keeps kids fit and teaches them the valuable lessons of responsibility and time management.

Oh, and it gives them a good reason to get out of bed early.

Backyard chicken and eggs

Being a local egg supplier can be an excellent first business for kids.

They have to fulfill orders while also caring for and managing the animals. They’ll also have to consider pricing, from understanding the cost of the chicken feed to the egg cartons.

Not every area allows backyard chickens. Those that do often have rules on numbers and how they are kept. So check your local laws on chickens before investing in a chicken coop.

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Tech support

A lot of older folks get discombobulated by today’s technology. As a result, they waste tons of money on expensive IT fees for simple things the average 10-year-old could sort out in half an hour.

Thus, let your 10-year-old put their years of screentime to good use by offering simple tech support.

Common problems include printers not talking to computers, Netflix not working on the TV, and simple smartphone woes.

A tech-savvy 10-year-old can quickly help install and set up apps, give basic social media advice, and teach those baby boomers how to hunt down their favorite podcasts.

Parent helper

10-year-olds are too young to legally babysit in most US states.

As an alternative to babysitting, they can become a mother’s helper.

They can do minor cleaning, wash dishes, do some household chores, keep a toddler occupied so the parent can tackle other tasks, or even help organize a toybox.


Older folks often miss hearing stories.

Sure, there are audiobooks and podcasts, but they just aren’t the same as a human connection.

If your child loves reading, perhaps advertise as a reader at a local assisted living center or retirement home.

It will bring joy to an older person while giving the 10-year-old a bit of money and a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re lucky, their clients may end up sharing some of their own stories with your child.

52 More Jobs for Younger Teens

Hand out flyers or samples

Many local business owners need help handing out promotional materials or samples of their products.

Check with your local chamber of commerce to see if there are any upcoming job fairs, or business seminars in your area.

Event setup

Know any party planners or caterers?

People in these professions always need help setting up tables and chairs, taking out the trash, and wiping off tables before and after events.

online jobs for 10 year olds graphic of dark skinned boy working on a laptop

Online jobs for 10-year-olds

It’s never too early to start thinking about a career, and for 10-year-olds, the internet offers a variety of opportunities to get started. There are many online jobs for 10-year-olds that can help them learn new skills and make some money.

Pros of online jobs for 10-year-olds

  • Can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Many online jobs do not require any previous experience or training.
  • Online jobs can teach 10-year-olds valuable skills such as time management, and attention to detail.
  • Some online jobs for 10-year-olds can be quite well-paying.
  • Many online jobs offer flexible hours, so 10-year-olds can work around their school and extracurricular schedules.

Cons of online jobs for 10 year-olds

While online jobs for 10-year-olds offer many benefits, there are also some safety concerns to be aware of.

First, it is important to make sure that the online job is legitimate and not a scam.

Second, it is important to protect your personal information, such as your name, school or home address, and email address.

Third, your child may find that online jobs are not as exciting as they seem. In fact, many are downright boring.

Finally, only work with people you trust, and never give out your bank account or credit card information online.

Sell stock images

Does your 10-year-old have a gift for photography? Do they love editing photographs? Then they might be able to sell some of their images to suppliers of stock photos. There are rules and guidelines for each business. But three places to look into are:

• iStock

• Dreamstime

• Adobe Stock

Etsy biz

If your 10-year-old is creative and responsible, perhaps it is time to set up a shop on Etsy.

Ideas include:

• Handmade jewelry

• Tie-die products, such as t-shirts

• Holiday ornaments

• Unique twist on painted rocks

• Homemade bath bombs

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Social media influencer

Social media is controversial, and not every parent or guardian will be comfortable with their child cultivating an online presence, including having a YouTube channel or a TikTok account.

But for those that feel they have the time and tools to monitor the situation, it is a way for children to turn their interest into a following.

For example, some companies will send people books for free in exchange for a review. Thus, a 10-year-old could set up a channel, IG page, or TikTok dedicated to reviewing books they’ve read.

Similarly, a toy review channel is another great online income generator for kids.

Social media account creation

These days, the number of pre-teens who know how to set up a social media account in record time is staggering.

Why not have your child put these skills to good use?

Many small business owners know the benefits of being visible across multiple social media channels, yet they lack the time or technological skills needed to set them up on their own.

This means they would be more than happy to pay your child to do it for them.

volunteer jobs for kids graphic of two young boys with a dog

Volunteer jobs for 10-year-olds

Not all jobs produce financial rewards. There is much to be said for having 10-year-olds and other children learn the value of having a job as a volunteer. Being a volunteer teaches responsibility and the spirit of giving. However, most places will also require a parent or guardian to be present. But this can also be an excellent way to spend time with your child.

Animal shelter

Animal shelters are routinely in need of assistance. However, it isn’t just about playing with adorable animals and taking them for walks. There are litter trays that need cleaning, laundry that needs folding, paperwork that must be filed, and envelopes to be stuffed. Some shelters also run a charity shop to make some extra cash. These often have racks that require organizing and shelves that need dusting.

Reading to the elderly

Some entrepreneurial jobs are excellent volunteer ones, too. Some older folks have barely a dime to spare. But these people also value a good story and interacting with young people. If you live near a nursing home that could use some friendly cheer, see if your 10-year-old would be willing to put their reading skills towards the greater good.

Clean-up crews

Some organizations run local clean-up initiatives, such as picking up litter off the beach or in a neighborhood park. Perhaps this is something your 10-year-old might be willing to do from time to time.

Local library

Local libraries have tiny budgets these days and are often crying out for help.

A responsible 10-year-old that can volunteer after school once a week could be a huge help. Thus, if you have a young bookworm, see if your local library is interested in a helping hand.

Community gardener

Some neighborhoods have community gardens. Find out if your ten-year-old can help. Perhaps they are looking for people to assist with weeding or watering. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about plants and understand how to meet their needs.

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At-home jobs for kids

One of the primary goals of parenthood is to prepare children for life as an adult. One excellent method is assigning and encouraging children to take on age-appropriate tasks around the house.

By doing chores, they learn responsibility and respect for themselves and where they live.

By the time a kid is 10, they should have some basic chores and responsibilities. These include:

• Folding laundry

• Making their own lunch

• Loading and unloading the dishwasher

• Bringing in groceries

• Stripping beds

• Sweeping floors or decks

• Brushing pets

• Cleaning the toilet

However, sometimes 10-year-olds have their eye on an item that is on the pricey side.

Sure, you might financially be in a position to buy it for them. But there are valuable lessons that can be learned by having them “earn” part of the cost.

Plus, if they’ve spent some of their hard-earned money on the item, they’ll appreciate it more and take better care of it.

Here are some ideas of extra jobs a 10-year-old could do around the home to earn extra money.

Wash the car(s)

Washing the family car(s) inside and out can be a huge job.

First, discuss with the 10-year-old what needs to be done and how and how much you are willing to pay.

Make them aware that leaving sponges or cloths on the ground could pick up grit that will scratch the paint.

You may even need to do the job with them the first time they try it. But soon, they’ll be able to do it like a pro.

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Pack lunches

A 10-year-old child should be able to make their own lunch.

Maybe you have to have rules so they understand an Oreo does not count as a healthy sandwich. But once they’ve got the hang of it, offer them extra to pack their siblings’ lunches.

It will not only save you valuable time in the morning, but it will also provide your child with a money-earning opportunity.

Organize clutter

Some families have a drawer of chaos. Others have an entire room that always has the door shut, so no visitor gets a glimpse of the chaotic mess.

There might be a corner of the garage with junk that dates back to the 80s. Whatever it is, use it as an opportunity for your 10-year-old to earn money while bringing some sanity back into the space.

They can probably manage it all on their own if it is only a few drawers.

If it is an entire shed, manage expectations and help them break the task down into steps.

Offer to take them to a DIY store or find some products online to help them organize the clutter and give everything a place.

Make dinner

Ten-year-old kids are often starting basic cooking. For some, this means a lot of cupcakes. Others can make grilled cheese and heat up a can of soup.

If you set reasonable expectations (don’t expect a 5-course meal) and don’t mind eating canned tomato soup and tuna fish sandwiches for dinner, then that’s a night you don’t have to organize or prepare a meal.

You can pay your child by the hour for this job or by the complexity of the meal.

Deep cleaning

When’s the last time the inside of your fridge was given some elbow grease?

What about the cupboard holding your pots and pans? Has the pantry seen a dishrag since you became a parent?

If your ten-year-old is looking for extra jobs around the house, hand them a sponge and set them to clean that ignored space.

Heads up: the going rate for a good house cleaner is about $30 an hour, so you should be able to save yourself some money by hiring your kid to do the job.

How much should 10-year-olds be paid?

There is no set amount that 10-year-olds should be paid for their work. Instead, it is up to the parents or guardians to decide how much to pay their child for a particular job.

Factors to consider when setting wages include the difficulty of the task, the amount of time it will take to complete the task, and the child’s experience level.

In general, 10-year-olds should be paid less than a professional would, yet enough that they find the employment experience worthwhile.

Jobs for 10-year-olds: Final thoughts

Unfortunately due to age restrictions, there aren’t any formal employment opportunities for ten-year-olds due to labor laws. However, with some creativity, your child might discover their inner entrepreneurial spirit and make some extra pocket money.

If your child is overwhelmed by starting their own side hustle, consider looking into volunteer opportunities or extra jobs around the house.

The experience they gain will teach them valuable skills they will need in the future when they eventually enter the workforce.

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