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How To Make Money As A Nomad – Top 6 Ways

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You might have seen or heard about people earning money while traveling the world… we will discuss How To Make Money As A Nomad.

– Rafting through the Illinois River.

– Hiking through the hills in Europe.

– Devouring food in the cafe of Bali.

And maybe you thought to yourself, how do they do it? Let’s cut to the chase—they are digital nomads working remotely while traveling worldwide.

But can you do it as well? I will discuss six ways to make money as a digital nomad.

But before that…

What are the Advantages of a Nomadic Lifestyle?

The global pandemic of 2019 opened doors for remote working.

One movement that gained popularity during this was becoming a digital nomad. 47% of world destinations now offer digital nomad visas for up to one year.

But why should you consider becoming one?

The biggest reason is the freedom of location it allows. You can work from anywhere (as long as you have the internet), be it mountains, beaches, or grasslands.

But there are other reasons, too.

Being a digital nomad frees you from the mundane everyday routine of waking up, getting ready for work, going to the office, and coming back to eat and sleep.

Every day is new for a nomad – new spark, weather, and culture. You get the gist.

Moreover, it exposes you to different cultures and societies that enhance your knowledge. The type of knowledge you don’t gain when studying in a university. You get to see first-hand how history transformed a certain culture, how people of different religions celebrate their occasions, and what food people in the mountains eat.

You also develop different skills when you spend time with people of different thinking, religious beliefs and life challenges. You tend to become more spiritual, more resilient, and more resourceful.

How to make money as a nomad?

I will discuss 6 effective ways of earning a living while being a digital nomad.

1.   Provide remote writing services.

Writing is one of the most popular skills worldwide. Every business wants content, be it a website, blog, press releases, or medical content. Quite literally, this skill will never become obsolete. If you have good writing skills, you can contribute to many brands as an SEO blog writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter.

But how do you start pitching your services as a writer? Well, it’s as easy as building a portfolio and reaching out to clients. You can create a stunning portfolio on Journo by doing free projects for friends and family. Then, you can use online platforms like Bloggingpro, ProBlogger, Contently, and SolidGigs to find remote writing jobs.

You can even pitch directly to the agency owners on LinkedIn.

However, it is recommended that you first build a decent personal brand there and then start pitching.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average monthly wage of a remote writer in the U.S. is $5000+.

Why Wait? Earn Extra Money Today!

2.   Earn affiliate commissions

Brands want customers plus recognition, and you want money. That’s a killer equation if you know how to spruce it up with affiliate commission.

As a digital nomad, you visit new places daily, so why not earn money from travel brands?

Affiliate marketing involves marketing brands’ products and earning a commission for every sale your content makes. That content could be:

– Blog.

– Videos.

–  Reels & shorts.

One of the best platforms for this is Travelpayouts. It’s an affiliate network designed specifically for travel bloggers. This platform includes various popular brands like GetYourGuide, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor.

Now, how do you get paid?

Well, let’s suppose you wrote a blog post on how to spend time in New York. You included the hotels available on Booking.com in that guide with their links. You earn a commission every time a reader books the hotel through your blog post. Simple!

A great way to keep visiting new places with this earned money while traveling on a budget.

3.   Do personal branding for founders

Another effective way of making money as a digital nomad is by providing personal branding services. A large majority of people trust recommendations from individuals rather than brands, which has led brand founders and CEOs to establish their personal brands on social media platforms (mostly on Twitter and LinkedIn).

And you know what? They need individuals who can help them establish their brands on these platforms. That’s where you, as a digital nomad, come into play. You can handle the accounts of these decision-makers and do the posting, networking, and pitching on their part while earning a handsome amount of money. According to Glassdoor, a personal branding expert in the U.S. has an average salary of $5528/month.

Since this role doesn’t require you to be present in the office, it could be a great way to earn money as a digital nomad. Many nomad creators, like Priyadarshni, are doing this with full might.

4.   Become a travel YouTuber

Vlog about your travel and get viewers to watch your videos on YouTube. How exciting is that! So many creators are doing it. Drew Binsky, Christian LeBlanc, Nadine – the list is long. If they are doing it, why can’t you?

Start by defining your niche and audience, then invest in a decent camera plus mic. You should have a unique selling point (USP) for your travel videos since many travel YouTubers exist. You need to make a unique mark, right?

If you simply vlog your tours, viewers might get bored watching them. Try a specific camera angle, interview the passers-by, or crack jokes.

You can earn a good amount through:

Ad revenue: Build an audience for your videos. As your viewership grows, monetize your videos through YouTube’s Partner program.

Sponsored content: Collaborate with tourism agencies, hotels, and airlines to feature their products in your videos and get a fee.

Affiliate marketing: Recommend travel gear and services you use in your videos with affiliate links in the description and earn a cut from your viewers’ purchases.

5.   Teach others

The next way of making money as a nomad is by being an online teacher. Ever heard of platforms like Teach Away and Preply? These are online teaching platforms where you can teach students globally.

Expert in a language? Or hold a Master’s degree in Psychology? Congratulations, you’re eligible to teach online.

There are many other teaching jobs available as well. The great thing about this work is you get to choose the number of hours you want to work and are paid hourly. Normally, it pays around $15-$27. Other teaching platforms include Udemy and Coursera.

If you’re lucky enough, you can also find teaching jobs that allow you to teach the hobbies you like, e.g., designing websites. It’s a great way for women to make money since they make good teachers because of their emphatic nature.

If you don’t find your teaching area on these platforms, you can create your course and market it using Google Ads or social media.

6.   Share secondary services on freelance platforms

Random projects here and there can help you earn some ‘surviving cash’ when your primary nomad job is not going well. That’s where freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Simply Hired, and We Work Remotely can prove useful.

Proper budgeting and living a minimalistic life can help you save money, but having additional income streams as a safety cushion is never bad.

These platforms allow you to view all sorts of odd jobs from around the globe: virtual assistant, writer for a few blog posts, translation work, data entry gigs, you name it. Register on these platforms and keep viewing jobs. You can get paid an hourly rate of between $15 and $25 for these jobs. You can use the LinkedIn search bar to find recent jobs posted.

Simply add the nature of the job, select ‘remote’, and click on Jobs.

How much does a nomad make?

This is quite subjective, but let’s get the statistics to do the talking. According to Statista, as of March 2024, 34% of digital nomads were making $50k-100k/ year, while 35% were earning $100k-250k/year.

21% made less than 50k-100k, while only 2% made more than $1 million. This earning is quite subjective but shows you the potential of being a nomad. The amount you can earn to spend depends on a lot of factors like your:

Skillset: In-demand skills and niche expertise often result in higher rates and better earning opportunities.

Location: The cost of living in a particular location plays a part. Working in places with lower living expenses can stretch the earnings.

Client base: If you’re providing remote or freelance services, the diversity and quality of your clients will dictate your earning potential. A good client base provides consistent and relevant work.

I must tell you honestly that working as a digital nomad might look smooth sailing. Still, it has challenges like loneliness, inconsistent earnings, internet unreliability, and jet lag.

But if your passion is unwavering, you’ll figure out how to make good money as a nomad.